“Silver Award Winner 2002, The Geographical Association”

The follow up to the highly acclaimed Thinking Through Geography (GA Gold Award Winner 1998), More Thinking Through Geography, edited by Adam Nichols and David Kinninment, contains eight strategies to enable teachers to further diversify their repertoire of teaching approaches that really do get children thinking

Thinking skills are now firmly on the national educational agenda. As the straight-jacket of the National Curriculum is loosened step-by-step, there is more open debate about what the school curriculum is for. Geographers now increasingly recognise that the subject’s position at the curricular ‘cross-roads’ is of increasing value in the achievement of broader educational goals than simply the acquisition of subject knowledge. Each strategy in More Thinking Through Geography is introduced with a rationale, followed by three exemplars (tried and tested by practicing classroom teachers), which can be used ‘off the peg’. Debriefing, assessment potential and ideas for development of the strategy then help the teacher make the most of each strategy.


  • Introduction
  • Strategies:
    • 5W
    • Concept Maps
    • Maps from Memory
    • Most Likely To…
    • Taboo
    • Predicting with Video
    • Layered decision-making
    • Making animals
  • Debriefing
  • Curriculum planning
  • Helping It Happen – an adviser’s perspective.

Those who have become enthusiasts for the strategies in Thinking Through Geography already know that you can teach children to think and that one of the keys is making thinking processes explicit and reflecting on them. Drawing upon recent and current research, David Kinninment discusses the role and nature of Debriefing in More Thinking Through Geography. To support teachers in the systematic use of More Thinking Through Geography strategies, a chapter on Curriculum Planning includes examples of schemes of work designed by members of the Thinking Through Geography Group.

Enthusiasm for More Thinking Through Geography is not confined to dynamic Geography Departments, as LEA INSET programmes across the country show. Linda Thompson contributes an Adviser’s perspective on encouraging the adoption and development of thinking skills across an LEA. A teacher at the Geographical Association Annual Conference was overheard to say that she felt that Thinking Through Geography had revitalised her own interest and enjoyment in teaching her subject. What is the betting that the pupils felt the same about their learning? More Thinking Through Geography aims to make it even better. ISBN:1 899857 43 5

Published 2001

Series Editor: David Leat

Editors: Adam Nichols and David Kinninment

Contributing authors: Simon Chandler, Nick Chapman, David Cookson, Jackie Downie, Liz Evans, Lynda Evans, Jen Grundy, Rachel Lofthouse, Julie McGrane, Patty McCoy, Amber Riches, Linda Thompson, Jeremy Krause


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