171,000 air miles 13 assemblies 100% increase in the numbers of students doing the School Expedition -60 deg C was the coldest temperature I experienced 100s of questions asked by students 1 cold injury within our group 37kg of rubbish created by the team during our 5 weeks on the ice 2500 students spoken to personally by me about the expedition 2009: the next group of teachers will fly to the Arctic with the Fuchs Foundation 4000 calories a day 32.5km of sledge hauling in 17 hours to beat the bad weather back to camp

£13,500 of costs to me personally

Increasingly the expedition is turning from experiences into stories and statistics. Recently I’ve given after dinner speaches, presentations and inset talks to local community groups, to my students, in other schools and at the Scott Polar Research Institiute publicising what we did, the teaching materials that we are working on and that there is a Teachers TV programme soon to be aired. Universally the talks have been positively received, with all agreeing that the expedition has already achieved its aim of inspiring students. The praise is a huge relief to those of us who have put in so much time and effort. My work as a member of the Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2007 will be over once I’ve published my teaching materials (deadline of the 20th April), but the work of the Fuchs Foundation will continue through the group of teachers who are crossing Greenland in the summer of 2009.

Keep an eye on this blog for the teaching materials and on the Fuchs Foundation website for wider information about our expedition and the upcoming Arctic journey. And keep the questions coming!