This book is written for teachers who have ambition. It was certainly written by teachers with an ambition – that pupils should be challenged to think, as they enjoy this different approach to History and learn from it.

When pupils enjoy lessons and learning it is certain that their teachers will also enjoy and learn. One of the downsides of the educational revolution since the inception of the National Curriculum is that enjoyment has become a scarcer commodity. Teaching and learning should be fun! But fun should be surrounded by rigour which is true to both the nature of the subject and to the profession of teaching young people to learn.

Thinking Through History is timely in several ways. Firstly, its range of strategies offer ample opportunity to do things differently through a combination of fun, challenge, motivation and rigour. Secondly, the series of changes affecting 11-18 education all offer – in different ways – windows of opportunity for the teaching profession to step off the treadmill of syllabus coverage

Thinking Through History is organised around 8 Strategies each of which have 2 or 3 exemplars

ISBN:1 899857 44 3 180pp A4

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