“ Good practice is not yet standard practice – and we should not rest until it is.”
The Protection of Children in England: action plan – The Government’s response to Lord Laming, DCSF (May 2009)

Concern over the safety and protection of children in recent months has rapidly escalated following a string of high profile child protection cases. In this climate of heightened scrutiny and ever-increasing pressure on teachers to spot signs of need and risk, how can you ensure you are up to date and providing outstanding protection for your students?

At the Annual Protecting Children Update National Conference you will be able to get essential updates, broaden your knowledge and get practical advice so you can head back to school and ensure daily working practices being carried out are always best practice.

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Comments from last year’s delegates:

“ An informative and thought provoking opportunity to update safeguarding knowledge” Paul Van Walwyk, Primary Manager, Kennel Lane School

“ A much needed revitalisation and update on child protection”

Ann Yates, Head of RAD Department, Shaftsbury School

“ A very professional and informative conference which shared best practice”

Dervla McConn-Finch, Oaklands Catholic School

“ Very challenging and motivating, enabling reflection on our present practice and how to improve”
Ann Shepard, Assistant Head and SENCO, Highfield School